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Welcome to Awning Rejuvantion Systems International
Instruction Manuals and DVD Videos
for  Awning Restoration
At Awning Rejuvanation Systems International we understand that some people can be a little hesitant about starting new or different endeavors such as awning cleaning or the care and maintenance of industrial fabrics. That’s why we have developed our manuals and DVD videos teach awning rstoration with how to clean and seal tents, canopies, tarps, and balloons. The DVD videos are easy to watch and demonstrate the techniques needed to produce the best results. They are designed to show you the proper way to clean vinyl and open weave fabrics, seal them, and restore colorwith our coating compounds. The videos also, show the types of equipment that are needed and how to use them. The manuals delve into specific job problems, the tools needed for that job, and solve basic fabric restoartion problems. The “Cleaning & Sealing” manual lists over 100 fabric types cleaning and sealing suggestions and special problem concerns. It also lists flow charts as to fabric identification, cleaning methods, and sealing methods. You can watch the videos at home and take the manuals with you on the job. Scroll down the page to see more.
Sunbrella Fabric Awning
awnings and umbrellas
Awning Cleaning & Sealing Manual And Video
Cleaning & Sealing Manual + DVD Video
Awning Color Restoration Video and Manual
Coatings And Coloring Manual & Video

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