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Awning Coloring

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Awning Rejuvanation Systems International
Our awning coloring compounds can restore faded awnings or change the color of your awning. This done with our vinyl acrylic Perma-Seal Resurfacing Compound, Color Coat, or Clear Coat for use on all types of fabrics.
Our Awning Color Restoration Compounds Provide:
1. The opportunity to increase the life span of the material.
2. Save the cost of a new awning or recover.
3. Restore the original color of the material.
4. Change the color of the fabric.
5. Give additional structural strength to the industrial fabric.
6. Add an extra layer to the surface of the fabric for protection from the elements.
Awning Fabric Coloring
Color Restoration Application Steps:
1. Clean the fabric. Make sure all previous sealers have been removed.
2. Simply brush, pad, roll, or spray the selected compound onto the fabric.
3. After 2 thin coats are applied, wipe on Universal Vinyl sealer 12.

Our coating compounds can be used on both vinyl and cloth industrial fabrics.

1. Use Perma-Seal Clear-Coat for clear colorless protection.
2. Perma-Seal Color-Coat is used for Back-Lit materials.
3. Resurfacing Compound is used to change colors or cover stains.

All coating compounds come in gloss or satin.

How to Supply Us With the CORRECT Color

1. We have over 6,000 fabric swatches. Tell us the fabric name, color, and code number...EXP Sunbrella, Sunflower Yellow 4602
2. Send us a swatch or paint chip and we'll see if we can match it.
3. We will accept paint chips from any Walmart paint department over the phone, email, or written in our store's message box.
4. Don't foget GLOSS or SATIN....

We have over 1,600 color hues to choose from. And, if those don't work for you we can custom formulate a color for your exact needs.
Faded Back lit awning
Perma Seal Color Coat
Faded Open Weave Awning
Perma Seal Resurfacing Compound
The following pictures are of a shopping mall that has faded and weathered with time. Note the improvement to the visual appearance of the malls awnings.
Faded Vinyl Awnings at Mall
Resurfaced Vinyl Awnings at Mall
Coating Warranty
ARSI Color Coating Products
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