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How to Clean an Awning :
  1. Inspect the awning for problems like damage or molds
  2. Gently brush off loose leaves and debris
  3. Apply the correct cleaner to a dry awning from the bottom up
  4. Soft bristle brush the awning
  5. Rinse with water from the top down
  6. Let dry
  7. Apply sealer if needed

ARSI Awning Care Products
ARSI Awning Care Products
Using the best awning cleaning and awning sealing products for the job can make the job go faster and easier. Buy exactly what size you need for the job. WE give FREE technical help by phone or email to help solve your awning care problems. Our manuals and DVD's save you time and money.
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Basic Awning Cleaning and Sealing
             awning cleaning
Whether you are working on a open weave cloth or vinyl laminate awning these simple methods will help you get the job done easier and better. Using the correct awning cleaning techniques for will help keep the life of the awning as vibrant as the day it was installed.

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Awning Instruction Manuals & DVD's
ARSI manuals & DVD videos
The easy to read cleaning & sealing manual covers over 105 fabrics. How to identify the fabric, clean, and seal them. Watch the DVD to see techniques. We also have manuals and DVD's to learn about awning coloring.
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Basic Awning Color Restoration
awning coloring coating
Restore an awning's color or change it's color. Both vinyl and open weave cloth awnings can have color restoration. Awning coloring is a 3 step system.
1. Clean the material.
2. Apply the color compound.
3. Apply Vinyl Sealer 12.
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Technical Instructions
"How to clean and seal a vinyl awning"
vinyl awning cleaning & sealing
Git into Industrial Fabric aftercare on a professional level. These pages cover in depth the more technical aspects you should think about in VINYL awning cleaning and sealing.  
ARSI tech Instructions
Technical Instructions
"How to clean & seal a cloth awning"
cloth cleaning & sealing
Learn the more technical / professional  aspects of cleaning and sealing breathable cloth industrial fabics. This section covers cloth open weave fabrics in detail and the tools you will need. Learn the different methods to clean and seal cloth fabric.
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Technical Instructions
"How to restore awning color"
ARSI awning coloring
This section covers in professinal detail the steps needed to colorize awning fabrics. Awning coloring is the most profitable part of awning aftercare. Clients will pay you up to 45-55% of the cost of a new recover,.
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Technical Instructions
"How to clean and seal tents or tarps"

ARSI tent cleaningLearn how to clean and seal the large panels that make up tents and tarps. Clean or seal them installed in place or flat on the ground. No matter how big or small they are understanding how they are made will make your cleaning assignment easier.
ARSI tent cleaning

FAQ with Answers
cloth awnings
How do I clean an awning?
How do I seal and awning?
How do I apply a vinyl sealer?
What about leaking fabrics?

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Policies & Shipping
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Learn our policies & UPS shipping times. WE do not store 0r sell your data. Our UPS ground transit times are displayed. If you need it faster 3 day, 2 day, and next day are OK too.
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